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Ha ha ha ha ha

Hello all, well this is the start of something new and exciting. Gone is the downtrodden depressed Melanie and here is the new and improved fantastic exciting Melanie, that does not procrastinate and instead makes a plan and carries it out.
I have decided to grab life by the proverbials and give it a real good shake. Then I am going to dust it off and put it on, that's right I am in fact now wearing life. Here, feels like a good time to put in some cliches, so life is too short, we only have one life, if you spend too long planning tomorrow you will miss today and my favourite well this isn't going to get the baby a new bonnet!
So what have I done so far, 1 - I have bought an address book, 2 - I have made 3, yes that's right 3 christmas cards. 3 - I have planned to buy a new kitchen table and chairs. Ok so the last one is just a plan but before you know it I will be writing that I have bought the new kitchen table and chairs and it is, in fact, in situ! 
This new leaf has lot…

Hello again, another exciting blog post lmao!

Just joking, nothing exciting about this post at all really! Thought I would give you a little update, it's going to be fairly cryptic but all the important stuff will be here! 

Weekend from hell all the positive ideas, decisions I had made and general plans went out of the window in a spectacular (Melanie) type of way! I have no-one I need to apologise too and no-one I need to avoid but myself! I seem to do great for a while then do something stupid that I then spend a month beating myself up about to then start all over again. The other day's post talking about my friend letting me down and I said with friends like her who needs enemies. Well apparently I do when I grow a brain and cut someone out that is bad for me I just take up from where they left off! So yes I'm an idiot who doesn't seem to learn from past misdemeanors but instead either repeats the same stupid mistakes or finds a whole bunch of new mistakes to make. 

Everyone who reads this will think I am giving…

Hello me again!

Well today has been an odd day to be honest! Haven't really done much caught up on 4 episodes of true blood been to my bro's for a coffee and a rant and bought an address book!
Yes that's right I made a plan to buy one then I went and bought one. Jude would be proud it's a Kath Kidston one I couldn't resist so preety! That's been about it for today really. Not feeling very motivated so I've done very little. Going to attempt to have a better day tomorrow than I may have something of interest to write even going to do a little crafting and try to upload it on to here if I can work out how to do that. Otherwise will have to enlist my lovely sister in helping with that. 
Right I'm going so TTFN x

Today is Wednesday I think?

So yes I'm back with vengence and a case of terrible-spelling-itis! However if I spend too long correcting my mistakes I won't end up writing anything!
So yesterday was a bit of a bad day nothing specific happened but sometimes due to the nothing happening scenario I feel down and it feels like a waste of a day! Today has been a slighly better day, got up early with lots of great plans then back felt a bit rubbish and I felt all unmotivated again. However I didn't let it stop me and I have been slowly working round the house doing the odd job. 
Thinking I am going to start making plans for Christmas and I know it sounds early but what with me being a single parent and all I'm hardly rolling in money. So my idea is to start preparing now and hopefully it will take the stress out of it later. I am by nature a procrastinator (think that is the right word) so what I say and what I do isn't always the same thing! 
I have started by making lists which as lovely sister tells…


Ok it's official I'm converting this artistic crafty blog into a chatty one because i can do that without a problem.  I've hit thirty it was scary but I'm still here and I've survived so now I'm officially grown up - actually nah I'm not I'm just the same old me!  
I have had one of the worst hair cuts ever - the hairdresser seemed to think I was a boy and wanted something similar to a crue cut - Tom Cruise Top Gun circa 1980 doesn't have anything on me!  The reason I've not been online is that my laptop is broken - how you may ask?
A friend in need turned into the spawn of satan and used my laptop as a weapon of mass destruction by picking the laptop in its lovely case (also containing my digital camera) and throwing i with great force across the road at her brother's departing back!  She then proceeded to threaten with suicide and when I refused to leave due to my worry for her she called the Police to have me forceably removed.
I haven't …