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ok I am back by public demand. People seem to need wit, so I will do the best I can if I miss by a mile then at least you will all know I have tried. Fortunately there are actually many funny things to put on here so off we go.

I am, as some of you will know extremely blessed in the hair department, I have luscious dark hair on my head, legs, armpits well I'll stop there but you obviously get the picture so after trying pretty much everything from electrolysis, wax, shaving, plucking etc. I have succumbed to petty advertisements and bought the new epillator or as I now call it the torture devise! Hurts like nobodies business but after about four hours work each day for a week I am hair free. An it is pretty much guaranteed to stay like that for at least a week and a half then I can look forward to another 7 days of torture. Lucky me hey!

But that was last week, this week has been a mixed bag of craziness. Worked all week then Thursday I went shopping for a dress couldn't find …