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Well since it has been nearly a year since my last post thought I would get on here and remedy that! Not sure what I want to say but yet again I am going to try and get on here more often even if it's just a quick one line blog. I am having a day laying on the settee and planning, should really be doing lots but going through some stuff and so I thought that by having a day thinking, planning, deciding etc may be advantageous in the long run! Also really feel the need to start doing more arty crafty type stuff as I feel a little like my soul needs feeding! My problem is that I don't trust myself to do anything good and I know that "good" is subjective but either way I feel rubbish if I do something I am disappointed in!

My plan for the evening is to throw paint at a canvas for a bit, see where it gets me lol. How are all you lovely bloggers in bloggerland? TTFN x