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This week

So this week has had the usual ups and downs of any week but I am going to try and look at the positives. So Saturday was good fun I had a walk round Sheffield with my mum, popped in to John Lewis so she could buy some fabric to make a bag and stopped for coffee and cake, which is always good. I also had a good catch up with a friend who I met when I worked with her many moons ago, we walked around a local beautiful park and chatted about what we had both been up to, before we knew it 2 hours had flown by. We both then drove to the supermarket where we bought a chinese meal for two and headed back to my house to cook, eat and finish chatting. At about 12pm we decided to call it a day, having exhausted every possible conversational topic! Sunday was slightly dull but I did a lot of thinking and planning so dull was ok with me. I have decided to plan a capsule wardrobe and when I have got some actual money to put the plan in to action. This has meant choosing the colours I want to en…

I'm back

So just wanted to get off the starting block by writing something so here goes. I am going to use this blog as somewhere to rant, write my brain farts (excuse the terminology), generally document the good and try and find positives where possible in the not so goods! So I am going to add a few photos of my week thus far!

Above is a photo of some artwork in my town.

Above is a picture of a grass snake I saw in my back yard!

Above is a photo of my beautiful thank-you flowers from my friend for being Godmother to her little boy, who's gorgeous may I add!