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What's rocking my world this Friday!

Hello I have tried to get Virginia's button off her block but I don't know what to do once I have done that so I am just going to write what in fact is rocking my world here!
Well this week I have decided to try and start to put things back together after what has been a few rubbish months. So this on it's own has been a blessing in disguise. Firstly I cleared out my wardrobe and with this I have been fairly brutal unless I love it or can fit into it (or will be able to before Christmas), it has gone to the Charity shop. This has meant a very empty wardrobe so now given myself the excuse for a little retail therapy :)
I also took my mum to Sheffield last night for a few hours just to get out of the house but it turned into an interesting evening with plenty of conversation, who'd have thought that lol.
I have also made another 6 Christmas cards which has put my total of Christmas cards to 9 yippee.
Started healthy eating and already lost weight which is a boost really nee…

Hello fellow bloggers

Hello Well today has been seriously horrible weather wise but I haven't let that stop me doing things. I have bought some new craft stock wish I desperately needed. I have tidied my hovel hmmm sorry obviously meant home although it definitely started off more hovel than anything else! I have even put some newly acquired music on to my i-tunes, on my laptop. Which I have desperately missed but thankfully is back and in fully working order. I wanted to join in a little with Virginia and her what's rocking her Friday. The answer for me is my new album Mumford and sons, really enjoyed listening to every single song on there. My daughter as we shopped this week for an outfit for a school trip and to my joy and amusement my daughter ended up with an outfit I would have happily wore myself with some boots exactly like the one's I am currently wearing, like my sister said she's definitely a mini-me! lol
My new clothes, bought a few new items rather than waiting for that golden da…