Saturday, 3 November 2012

Rocking my world!

Been a pretty busy week so lots to be grateful for! Firstly I am grateful for Friday evening with my daughter, watching Labrinth at the O2 arena and a fancy dress club- night straight after with uni friends and my brother and his girlfriend! I am also grateful for my home, something that I take for granted often but the terrible hurricane that has destroyed so many homes in the US, has reminded how lucky I am for my surroundings.

I also had a trip out with my sister, my nephew and my daughter to a local petting zoo, which I really enjoyed especially seeing the meercats and gaining the knowledge that a group of peacocks are called a party lol (love this)!

I am grateful for my wonderful family, especially my sister Virginia who laid on a fantastic Halloween party at her house, with beautiful food and an opportunity for my daughter to get dressed up and all of the rest of the family to have a proper catch up!

Also managed to watch Alien (first time ever), something I have been wanting to watch for a very long time but have put off because I don't like watching anything scary on my own, so Virginia and her lovely hubby let me stay over so they could watch it with me, which I so appreciate!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the w.w group, especially Carmens fantastic news about the birth of her beautiful baby Logan! 

Finally I am grateful for paints and masks and marker pens and paper because it gives me an opportunity to be creative, vent when I need too and gain some perspective when things get tough!!

Hope all you fantastic people in blogland are well and have had a very fantastic and rocking week whatever you have been up to!


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Art as counselling!

This is what I have finished off tonight, it's not great but I really enjoyed doing it. So much so that I have started another one already I will try and upload the new one tomorrow if I get chance to finish it! Most of the things I am journalling at the minute look bright and colourful but to be honest a lot of it is being vented as a sort of counselling! More helpful to me, than actual art but feel that due to this it has its own merits as art goes! Sorry about the rubbish explanation but it's all I've got lol

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Well since it has been nearly a year since my last post thought I would get on here and remedy that! Not sure what I want to say but yet again I am going to try and get on here more often even if it's just a quick one line blog. I am having a day laying on the settee and planning, should really be doing lots but going through some stuff and so I thought that by having a day thinking, planning, deciding etc may be advantageous in the long run! Also really feel the need to start doing more arty crafty type stuff as I feel a little like my soul needs feeding! My problem is that I don't trust myself to do anything good and I know that "good" is subjective but either way I feel rubbish if I do something I am disappointed in!

My plan for the evening is to throw paint at a canvas for a bit, see where it gets me lol. How are all you lovely bloggers in bloggerland? TTFN x


Friday, 25 November 2011

Hi all

Hello everyone another quick break-neck speed blog post. Rihanna was fabulous as was Calvin Harris and really enjoyed the quality time with my daughter! First assignment completed and handed in, in time. I have even volunteered to have a stall at uni's Christmas market, the idea is to raise some money for charity and also take a percentage of what I make for myself which in turn can go into my Christmas present buying fund, which is looking pretty dire at the minute. Also will be fun as I have decided to make home made Christmas cards for my stall so in turn I will get some leisure time that I will enjoy e.g crafting. So for all intense and purposes things are going well! 

Hope all of you in blogland are well and feel free to comment!


Friday, 18 November 2011

Hi all

Haven't written a post in an age so thought I would stick a quick one on here. Uni is going great, really enjoying the modules and the new friends I have made. Enjoying learning again, not just the course material but about myself also. Feeling quite upbeat at the minute, which is really nice for me, as some of you know I'm not always this way! Also feeling very lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive and inspirational family!

Getting excited over christmas even though like so many years gone by I am totally unprepared for it but I am trying, even doing a DIY job in my home that has been a long time coming. I will of course stick a few pictures on here when it is completed!
Also looking forward to the Rihanna concert I'm going to on Saturday, I bought tickets last Christmas, as a present for my daughter. Even been following a healthy eating regime and can already see a small difference. I was going to wait till after Christmas but then thought I could have lost half a stone by then so have started already! An trying to fit in a few exercise sessions which always help boost my mood! So generally speaking life is good!

Just realised that without even trying this has kind of become a rocking my world kind of post so I may try and Mr linky it with Virginia's. Hope all you bloggers are doing good and please feel free to comment, as for me personally best part of blogging!



Monday, 19 September 2011

One day down!

So first day done, only had a sit down talk to start with this morning. Then had to walk up to another building so they could take a photocopy of my qualification certificate's, then walked back into town and hopped on a bus home. Since I am starting this new Melanie regime I ate home made zero point veg soup for dinner, which was actually more like a stew but very tasty and now updating my blog. Not bad for half a day's work I think!

Going to get off here soon and fill in one form, which is boring (boo hiss) but necessary then as a reward for filling in the form I am going to have an hr crafting, think I will have deserved it. An if the crafting goes ok, I may even put it on here, but as I know how my crafting usually goes I will say, don't hold your breath lol. Hope fellow bloggers are having a nice Monday. 


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Feeling very nervous!

So tomorrow is the start of my new life as a university student and I am basically bricking it. Not sure where I am going or what I should take with me or the times of buses etc.

Also worrying about meeting new people, worrying they won't like me, worrying about the work load, worrying about the juggling of money and living on a budget. Worrying that I will be the oldest one on the course, the fattest, the dumbest! So, I have had a lot on my plate trying to be realistic and trying to be positive which isn't always the easiest thing for me.
On the other hand I am really excited as I have been wanting things to change for a considerate amount of time and this is a really big change.

I want to make the best of this opportunity and succeed!

So I will go and get myself sorted and will pop back on tomorrow to let you know how things went. Wish me luck!