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Rocking my world!

Been a pretty busy week so lots to be grateful for! Firstly I am grateful for Friday evening with my daughter, watching Labrinth at the O2 arena and a fancy dress club- night straight after with uni friends and my brother and his girlfriend! I am also grateful for my home, something that I take for granted often but the terrible hurricane that has destroyed so many homes in the US, has reminded how lucky I am for my surroundings.
I also had a trip out with my sister, my nephew and my daughter to a local petting zoo, which I really enjoyed especially seeing the meercats and gaining the knowledge that a group of peacocks are called a party lol (love this)!
I am grateful for my wonderful family, especially my sister Virginia who laid on a fantastic Halloween party at her house, with beautiful food and an opportunity for my daughter to get dressed up and all of the rest of the family to have a proper catch up!
Also managed to watch Alien (first time ever), something I have been wanting t…

Art as counselling!

This is what I have finished off tonight, it's not great but I really enjoyed doing it. So much so that I have started another one already I will try and upload the new one tomorrow if I get chance to finish it! Most of the things I am journalling at the minute look bright and colourful but to be honest a lot of it is being vented as a sort of counselling! More helpful to me, than actual art but feel that due to this it has its own merits as art goes! Sorry about the rubbish explanation but it's all I've got lol