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Yee ha

Someday's, things just go right and things start to feel better and you can't help feeling quite joyful, other day's aren't like that at all but today is a good day so I thought I would do a lovely positive post!
Positive's are that this weekend is a bank holiday :), I have more than £3 to my name which is nice lol. I'm healthy and I have lost 3 pounds which puts me under one of those horrible stone barrier's that you feel you will never get under! I am starting university in September, my daughter is happy and loving our new kitty, Boo! 
Also my sister informed me that there are in fact 18 weeks not 13 till Christmas lol so that means a few more weeks to sort pressie's Thank God lol.
So yes things are good, which is nice! xTTFNx

It's all go!

Well just thought I would stick a quick post on here. Missed What's rocking my world but the sentiment is still present, so what's been rocking my world this week. Well I have been accepted to start university in September. I'm very nervous but also very excited and now there is so much to do to be ready. Paperwork type things, which I am so good at putting off. Housey related things, as my brother put it the other day, a tidy house = a tidy brain. Anyone that knows me would look at my house currently and say "that explains a lot!" I am determined to be really good and get organised before starting my course!
My sister also mentioned the dreaded C word in her blog, that's right Christmas and rather than years gone by when I have left everything till the last minute and being on such a tight budget means this year that isn't an option! So I am going to take a leaf out of her book and start putting things in to place starting with a few lists possibly follow…

well it's certainly been a while!

I can't believe that it is August already, haven't been on here in God knows how long. The last year has been weird to say the least and I am the first to admit that I haven't dealt with it at all well. I was diagnosed with depression and apart from my family there are people that won't believe this at all, as on the outside I seem such a happy go lucky person. I usually am quite upbeat but after years of struggling to keep myself upbeat and afloat the cracks began to appear. 
At first I went into my shell and stopped communicating, then as things got worse I started to try and escape by making stupid choices and burying my head in the sand. I'm still not doing very well and things have gradually got worse over the last year. I keep thinking that eventually I will turn a corner, eventually I will get up one morning and I will be back to my happy self, however I am starting to realise that this is not the case. I have no magic wand I have no quick fix and maybe it is…