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Right well I have obvioulsy been MIA for a while now so thought it was time I blogged something, anything is better than nothing well maybe that's not true in my case but I'm going to give it a go anyway!
Firstly since it is a Friday thought I would start by saying "What's rocking my world" this week. Things rocking my world are, (in no specific order)
The Black Keys, definitely my favourite band at the moment, I listen to them in the living room, when I am in the bath, when I visit people, the car, pretty much anywhere that has a CD player.
The series Misfits on Channel 4, as, after last nights episode I have a major crush on  Simon. He's gorgeous and nerdy and very yum, plus it is a fantastic series!!!!
The fact it is nearly Christmas I am completely unprepared but I just love Christmas, pressie's, time with family, Christmas mushy films,seeing my daughter's face as she opens her gifts, just love it!!!!
Also loving being alive, it's no secret I have …