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One day down!

So first day done, only had a sit down talk to start with this morning. Then had to walk up to another building so they could take a photocopy of my qualification certificate's, then walked back into town and hopped on a bus home. Since I am starting this new Melanie regime I ate home made zero point veg soup for dinner, which was actually more like a stew but very tasty and now updating my blog. Not bad for half a day's work I think!
Going to get off here soon and fill in one form, which is boring (boo hiss) but necessary then as a reward for filling in the form I am going to have an hr crafting, think I will have deserved it. An if the crafting goes ok, I may even put it on here, but as I know how my crafting usually goes I will say, don't hold your breath lol. Hope fellow bloggers are having a nice Monday. 

Feeling very nervous!

So tomorrow is the start of my new life as a university student and I am basically bricking it. Not sure where I am going or what I should take with me or the times of buses etc.
Also worrying about meeting new people, worrying they won't like me, worrying about the work load, worrying about the juggling of money and living on a budget. Worrying that I will be the oldest one on the course, the fattest, the dumbest! So, I have had a lot on my plate trying to be realistic and trying to be positive which isn't always the easiest thing for me. On the other hand I am really excited as I have been wanting things to change for a considerate amount of time and this is a really big change.
I want to make the best of this opportunity and succeed!
So I will go and get myself sorted and will pop back on tomorrow to let you know how things went. Wish me luck! xTTFNx