Rocking my world!

Been a pretty busy week so lots to be grateful for! Firstly I am grateful for Friday evening with my daughter, watching Labrinth at the O2 arena and a fancy dress club- night straight after with uni friends and my brother and his girlfriend! I am also grateful for my home, something that I take for granted often but the terrible hurricane that has destroyed so many homes in the US, has reminded how lucky I am for my surroundings.

I also had a trip out with my sister, my nephew and my daughter to a local petting zoo, which I really enjoyed especially seeing the meercats and gaining the knowledge that a group of peacocks are called a party lol (love this)!

I am grateful for my wonderful family, especially my sister Virginia who laid on a fantastic Halloween party at her house, with beautiful food and an opportunity for my daughter to get dressed up and all of the rest of the family to have a proper catch up!

Also managed to watch Alien (first time ever), something I have been wanting to watch for a very long time but have put off because I don't like watching anything scary on my own, so Virginia and her lovely hubby let me stay over so they could watch it with me, which I so appreciate!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the w.w group, especially Carmens fantastic news about the birth of her beautiful baby Logan! 

Finally I am grateful for paints and masks and marker pens and paper because it gives me an opportunity to be creative, vent when I need too and gain some perspective when things get tough!!

Hope all you fantastic people in blogland are well and have had a very fantastic and rocking week whatever you have been up to!



  1. Oh a fab list, loving the page as well, you look like you've been having fun with the pens - haven't done a page in AGESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS must put one together soon!

  2. LOVELY to have you Rocking this week, Melanie - and it's a great positive list too!

    LOVE your art journaling page, you really should do more of this kinda stuff......

    Have a great weekend,


  3. Sounds like you've had a super family-type week.

    I can't watch spooky films - even if there are other folk around I usually get up and wander off to do something else...getting whimpy in my old age LOL

    Have a great weekend and week ahead.

    Toni xx

  4. What a lovely family centred week Mel!!
    And the page is awesome...I really must do more of this and Virginia put me to shame!
    Hugs xx


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