Hello fellow bloggers

Well today has been seriously horrible weather wise but I haven't let that stop me doing things. I have bought some new craft stock wish I desperately needed. I have tidied my hovel hmmm sorry obviously meant home although it definitely started off more hovel than anything else! I have even put some newly acquired music on to my i-tunes, on my laptop. Which I have desperately missed but thankfully is back and in fully working order.
I wanted to join in a little with Virginia and her what's rocking her Friday. The answer for me is my new album Mumford and sons, really enjoyed listening to every single song on there. My daughter as we shopped this week for an outfit for a school trip and to my joy and amusement my daughter ended up with an outfit I would have happily wore myself with some boots exactly like the one's I am currently wearing, like my sister said she's definitely a mini-me! lol

My new clothes, bought a few new items rather than waiting for that golden day that I wake up 2 stone lighter without doing a stitch of work to achieve it! My bessie mate who is always there for me and who I have managed to see twice in the last week! Also the gift of life, today I am glad to be alive and breathing and relatively healthy!

I have done a few more preparing for Christmas things, this week I have bought 3 small gifts and made a gift box to put my gifts in. Also bought more card stock so I aim to make a few more Christmas cards too.

Feeling positive and happy! Hope you are too, an if you aren't smile it's a start! :) 

X TTFN Melanie X


  1. Loving the list Melanie - hope you've linked on my blog that you've joined in with Rocking your World Friday - on the full working order on the laptop have you resolved the wi-fi issue? Just about to commence on the painting side of things - let's do battle - washer whirring - child chilling in front of tv (nothing new there) hubby sorting his Mother out again (nothing new there either)!


  2. Lovely to see you doing a Rocking Friday :P

    Love your list - so positive! Will we start to see you posting some of your crafty bits on here?

  3. Think so doing little bits so will have to get our Virginia to show me how to download them I am a little bit of a technophobe to be honest lol


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