What's rocking my world this Friday!

Hello I have tried to get Virginia's button off her block but I don't know what to do once I have done that so I am just going to write what in fact is rocking my world here!

Well this week I have decided to try and start to put things back together after what has been a few rubbish months. So this on it's own has been a blessing in disguise. Firstly I cleared out my wardrobe and with this I have been fairly brutal unless I love it or can fit into it (or will be able to before Christmas), it has gone to the Charity shop. This has meant a very empty wardrobe so now given myself the excuse for a little retail therapy :)

I also took my mum to Sheffield last night for a few hours just to get out of the house but it turned into an interesting evening with plenty of conversation, who'd have thought that lol.

I have also made another 6 Christmas cards which has put my total of Christmas cards to 9 yippee.

Started healthy eating and already lost weight which is a boost really needed to be honest with you!

Also managed my full program at the gym which was a miracle to say I haven't been in about 2 months.

So all in all a pretty brill week! Going to continue with all good steps and try to get rid of all bad stuff slowly but surely till I am happy go lucky Melanie again. Wish me luck and hope your all good in blogland!

TTFN xMelaniex


  1. I love your eclectic mix - its fantastic! Giggled at the thought of you and Mum talking - who'd have thought it LOL!

    See you over the weekend


  2. What a fabulous upbeat post!

    I did that with my wardrobe and now am rotating the same two pairs of jeans as I refuse to buy any more fat clothes. I only want to get down into the next size bracket and would be happy being curvacious (rather than wobbly *g*) seems to be taking forever :P

    OH says he will take me clothes shopping next year if he can be my Gok Wan as he knows if he gives me the dosh for Christmas I will come home with a couple of cheapy vests and a skipload of paint LOL! He knows me so well! I just dread if he buys my clothes he'll have me looking like Cat Slater who he is drooling over at the mo!

    HAve an amazing week! Loving your regular updates!

  3. Hi Melanie, well done you losing weight already and doing a program at the gym - those extra pounds will fall off you, girl!

    I still can't think about Christmas cards, so you're one up on me there!

    Have a great week.


  4. Mel!!!!! Just stopping by to say Hi! Well done on the weight thing - why can't weight loss be contagious like colds are....you could pass that 'bug' on to me anyday! x x

  5. WTG Mel on such an upbeat and positive post.
    Sue xx


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