Well it's been a while since I last blogged. Feels weird writing stuff but thought I would give it a go. I could go on about what a tough few months I have had but conpared to some people out there I would feel a fraud. So I won't say that what I will say is over the last few months I have lost two people I have thought a lot about and unfortunately they were both through suicide. I have wondered why, so many times over the last few weeks. I have wondered why they weren't helped, why such awful things have happened. Whether they would have lived if the right support had been offered. An unsurprisingly I have no answer just such sadness for their family for their friends, for the fact that their young lives have been cut short. My thoughts are with them, to Brian and Alan may they rest in peace x


  1. Ah hun you're not the only one thinking the same sweetie, the loss of two individuals whenever is hard but because it was of their own choosing is even harder and the hole that they will have left will remain with their friends and family forever. Everyone should have someone they can talk to - bare their soul and be honest - everyone should feel they can stretch that hand out when they need it! Let's try and brighten everyone's day that we meet today because you simply don't know what people's lives are like - sending you huge hugs!

  2. Oh Mel, I'm so ,so sorry to read this. I don't have any answers either (I lost my cousin to suicide 9 years ago) I just know it's difficult for those left behind. Please don't torture yourself with thoughts of "if only.." just know that they're in a better place for them.
    Thinking of you and sending hugs.xx


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