Yee ha

Someday's, things just go right and things start to feel better and you can't help feeling quite joyful, other day's aren't like that at all but today is a good day so I thought I would do a lovely positive post!

Positive's are that this weekend is a bank holiday :), I have more than £3 to my name which is nice lol. I'm healthy and I have lost 3 pounds which puts me under one of those horrible stone barrier's that you feel you will never get under!
I am starting university in September, my daughter is happy and loving our new kitty, Boo! 

Also my sister informed me that there are in fact 18 weeks not 13 till Christmas lol so that means a few more weeks to sort pressie's Thank God lol.

So yes things are good, which is nice!


  1. Wonderful, cheerful post! What will you be studying at Uni?
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I am also relieved that there are 18 weeks (and not 13) until Christmas. :)

  2. A BMedSci in Human and health sciences lol bit of a mouthful but I can't wait. x


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