It's all go!

Well just thought I would stick a quick post on here. Missed What's rocking my world but the sentiment is still present, so what's been rocking my world this week. Well I have been accepted to start university in September. I'm very nervous but also very excited and now there is so much to do to be ready. Paperwork type things, which I am so good at putting off. Housey related things, as my brother put it the other day, a tidy house = a tidy brain. Anyone that knows me would look at my house currently and say "that explains a lot!" I am determined to be really good and get organised before starting my course!

My sister also mentioned the dreaded C word in her blog, that's right Christmas and rather than years gone by when I have left everything till the last minute and being on such a tight budget means this year that isn't an option! So I am going to take a leaf out of her book and start putting things in to place starting with a few lists possibly followed by a few home made pressie's! 

Also decided to start healthy eating so hopefully I can shift a few pounds before Christmas, well I say a few, I want to lose about 42 pounds altogether but with only 13 and a half weeks to go that might be being a little unrealistic but I'm going to give it a go! Will update here as I go along. 
I realise this post has been mainly waffle which I apologise for but unfortunately at this time of night my brain slows down so it is the best I can manage!

Hope all you bloggers are well!

TTFN Melanie xxx


  1. HI Hun

    Brill post you'll be pleased to know that you can't add up it's 18 weeks til Christmas so 42 pounds is much more manageable LMAO! Hope you get the house cleaner and tidier!


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