Hi all

Haven't written a post in an age so thought I would stick a quick one on here. Uni is going great, really enjoying the modules and the new friends I have made. Enjoying learning again, not just the course material but about myself also. Feeling quite upbeat at the minute, which is really nice for me, as some of you know I'm not always this way! Also feeling very lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive and inspirational family!

Getting excited over christmas even though like so many years gone by I am totally unprepared for it but I am trying, even doing a DIY job in my home that has been a long time coming. I will of course stick a few pictures on here when it is completed!
Also looking forward to the Rihanna concert I'm going to on Saturday, I bought tickets last Christmas, as a present for my daughter. Even been following a healthy eating regime and can already see a small difference. I was going to wait till after Christmas but then thought I could have lost half a stone by then so have started already! An trying to fit in a few exercise sessions which always help boost my mood! So generally speaking life is good!

Just realised that without even trying this has kind of become a rocking my world kind of post so I may try and Mr linky it with Virginia's. Hope all you bloggers are doing good and please feel free to comment, as for me personally best part of blogging!




  1. A lovely cheerful post Mel!!
    Uni sounds good and well done on the weight front.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. Ah Melanie it certainly is a Rocking post my Sweetie, you keep doing what you are doing because it's lovely having you so upbeat and positive!


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