This blog award was given to me by Jude believe it or not before I actually had a blog!  These are the questions that I have to answer before passing it on.

List 4 things that keep your inner self beautiful

  1. My daughter, she is a truly amazing person and is growing into a truly amazing young woman!
  2. My family - they are all nuts but it makes me feel more normal
  3. A lie in - I am always having to set alarms - every morning there are alarms ringing in my house - I hate it and it drives me nuts so a lie in is awesome - I wonder what one is like?
  4. I'm struggling because I'm not sure who my inner self is - when I find her I'll let you know
List 4 things that keep me physically beautiful

1.  Clean and clear - part of my daily routine and I threw a hissy fit when I forgot it when we went to Center Parcs
2.  MAC make up - yes I know it isn't the cheapest but boy is it great stuff I love it love it love it
3.  False eyelashes on a night out - blink blink blink - love them!
4.  A great pair of high heels, I wear them so infrequently they cause no damage but I feel amazing in them!

Precious Memory

Travelling for 7 hours with a 2 week old new born baby - on a whim - to travel from South Yorkshire to Newquay to watch the total eclipse stood on Fistral beach.  We decided to do it about three days before the eclipse and we had no money for petrol and we counted the money in our penny jar and had to travel to Asda to use the coin machine to change it, so we had enough to get petrol there and back.  We got to Newquay and had two hours sleep in the car, parked the car up and walked to Fistral beach, had something to eat and stood on the beach with hundreds of other people, it had been an exceptionally cloudy morning and people said that visibility would be rubbish and we thought we'd wasted our time but persevered and then about 3 minutes before the time of the eclipse there was a break in the cloud and we saw the whole eclipse.  We donned our glasses so it was safe to watch it and a few moments later the eclipse occurred and the hair stood up on the back of my neck, there were people surfing in the dark and there was a sea of camera flashes and a few minutes later it was all over.  However,  it's something I will carry with me through the rest of my life and the moral of the story is that I stood there thinking and realising what a small cog I am in such a huge machine that we know of as life!  Then we set off back 7 hour journey in the opposite direction!

I'm unsure of who I will pass it on to at the moment (my blog list is a little sparse) but promise to do it.

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