It's all good fun and games till someone gets poo'ed on!

Well that is exactly how I feel, I am currently moving job locations from a very small 2.3 mile journey to 24.0 miles on the M1 something I am not looking forward to at all. However during my meeting yesterday I was dumbfounded to find out that according to my new work (that are going to be paying me a travel allowance for all the extra travelling I am going to have to do) I live 5.6 miles from my current job. Pants is all I have to say, followed by "it takes me 25 minutes to walk it, so unless I am an olympic gold medallist walker then your calculations are wrong"

Hopefully this will be sorted and I won't have to prove the distance my driving them in my car to my house but I should warn them unless they sort it then that is what I will do!

I'm now trying desperately to think of something bright and breezy to prove that normally I am a very happy person but as I am failing miserably instead I will write a selection of happy words and leave you with the promise that I will go off and do something great and exciting so that I can journal something happy and photo it to put it on here! Sunshine, kittens, yellow (urgh), pink, babies, tea, lying in bed, champagne, tattoo's (ok maybe that one is more for me) ha ha holidays! that should do it!


  1. Nope fraid not still sounds miserable - although if you want a change from the norm try my 'stressed' chat on my blog tonight - maybe we could link to all the other strangely not happy but amazingly true blogs out there - any chance you'll give yourself some art journaling to do on this front or are you too busy - off to paint - something - anything doesn't matter what

  2. Love it Mel more like it please ,see the Yellow is still a bit tricky

  3. Oh no! That does suck...having a long commute to work is never good but think of all the music you'll be able to listen to in the car and fabby journal pages you'll create with all the frustration you'll be feeling with the traffic...every cloud,sweetie!?!

    Do they have walking as an event in the Olympics..? If they had whinging, then Harry would definitely win the mood he's in today. Away to break out the Playdough and see if he can work through it...! xx

  4. Can you hear me LOL? it was the 'yellow' that did it! Hope your work sitch gets sorted soon x x

  5. Would you publish your comments please?!? And another post wouldn't go amiss either..!! Not long to go till AJ part 2!!! xx

  6. FYI - the word verification was 'bustcha'. Cool. xx

  7. Hello you I've passed you a blog award - pick it up from my site!


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