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Hello all, well this is the start of something new and exciting. Gone is the downtrodden depressed Melanie and here is the new and improved fantastic exciting Melanie, that does not procrastinate and instead makes a plan and carries it out.
I have decided to grab life by the proverbials and give it a real good shake. Then I am going to dust it off and put it on, that's right I am in fact now wearing life. Here, feels like a good time to put in some cliches, so life is too short, we only have one life, if you spend too long planning tomorrow you will miss today and my favourite well this isn't going to get the baby a new bonnet!

So what have I done so far, 1 - I have bought an address book, 2 - I have made 3, yes that's right 3 christmas cards. 3 - I have planned to buy a new kitchen table and chairs. Ok so the last one is just a plan but before you know it I will be writing that I have bought the new kitchen table and chairs and it is, in fact, in situ! 
This new leaf has lots of intricate new facets that are invisible to the human eye but like an amoeba and DNA, I am aware of it's existance.

So my plan for the rest of this wonderful, sunny day in Rotherham is to clean my living room, clean my bathroom and to go through some cupboards in a late spring clean type of way. What are you lovely ppl in blogland up too, anything interesting and exciting and the real question is, if not, why not. You do know you only have one life, right?

TTFN Melanie x


  1. Hi Melanie

    Loving the upbeat post - how did the cleaning go? I'm also grabbing life popping issues into a big paper bag and giving them a shake to sort them out - means I came home tonight with a slightly lighter heart than I went to work with - which is always a positive.

    Off to make a start on my Rocking Your World Friday post - means i can post it AM not PM!


  2. Must be something in the air. Am also trying to pop my dark thoughts with a big shiny happy pin. Went to see a bloggy friend in Yorkshire and came back to Kent in a much happier place, need to take a leaf out of your book and get organised at home now, get the house straight and start making some Christmas pressies :)

    Love this post! And NEVER heard the baby and the bonnet expression before :P


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