Today is Wednesday I think?

So yes I'm back with vengence and a case of terrible-spelling-itis! However if I spend too long correcting my mistakes I won't end up writing anything!

So yesterday was a bit of a bad day nothing specific happened but sometimes due to the nothing happening scenario I feel down and it feels like a waste of a day! Today has been a slighly better day, got up early with lots of great plans then back felt a bit rubbish and I felt all unmotivated again. However I didn't let it stop me and I have been slowly working round the house doing the odd job. 

Thinking I am going to start making plans for Christmas and I know it sounds early but what with me being a single parent and all I'm hardly rolling in money. So my idea is to start preparing now and hopefully it will take the stress out of it later. I am by nature a procrastinator (think that is the right word) so what I say and what I do isn't always the same thing! 

I have started by making lists which as lovely sister tells me is the best way of starting things off. My lists include christmas card lists, present buying lists, food shopping lists and a list of things I would like to do over the festive period. 

These lists have thrown up a whole new list of things to do however for instance I would like to send people christmas cards but apart from immediate family I have no clue of where people actually live. So now I have a new list of things I need to do before I can start my actual lists! 

Buying an address book going to my sisters and getting everyone's address that I would like to send a card too, doesn't sound like a big job but I have the most enormous family. Plus buying an address book has it's own issues. Number A (like my nephew says) it's a very grown up thing to do and number B I will need to find one I like. 

Now you may ask what is the problem with finding one I like. The problem is that I don't know what I like and if I find something and buy it, a week later I will find another I prefer. Yes I am that much of a pain! People who know me will vouch for this fact. 

Also decided to stop treating my body like a bin (shoving all sorts of random crap into it) and instead treating it like a temple (a broken temple that needs immediate and massive renovations but a temple never the less). 
I don't really understand how I have got to this point to be honest as I love to exercise and I love fruit and veg of all types. So I should be a perfect size 10 but I'm not. I have been having a really good think as to why I have done this to myself and the only things I have come up with is mood and laziness. Neither of these things are easy to admit too but unless I start taking responsibility for myself and holding my hand up how can I expect to change anything. The answer is I can't! 

So what exactly am I going to do (you may or may not be asking, going to tell you anyway) I'm going to make a plan then I'm going to follow it, that's what!

Right I'll stop waffling on and go and do something. 

Thought for the day before I go, it is better to do something than nothing!



  1. Yes it is Wednesday and how lovely to find you writing on your blog. You did seem really down yesterday and didn't know why? Plans and lists are always the way to go that way you are goal setting which is excellent. Don't overthink the address book - it's not worth it - just buy one and head over with a biro and I'll make you coffee whilst you write everything down - tee hee!

    Glad you've managed to do something today albeit with a bad back! I've had a weird work day (again) and then come home and gone through the house with a vengeance, washing out, ironing done, tumbling on, bathroom cleaned, hoovered throughout, pummelled cushions, prepared tea with Craig when he got in, made Craig's lunch for tomorrow, got child to read (hurray) and do a paragraph of homework! And finally sat down at seven minutes to nine (after having had a shower of course) so completely shattered now and before I know it it'll be time to go to bed to get up and do it all again LOL!

    Anyway little miss war and peace is feeling tired so going to disappear for now!


    Big Sis - Ginnie!

  2. I would say get a diary too. From what you said in the last post abut memory, I can SO empathise. I've bought a diary recently and I leave it open on my desk to the the week we are on so I can see at a glance what I am meant to remember this week from getting a haircut, do a blog post for a DT, make a pressie, send a card. All stuff I always , ALWAYS forget. Write it down in the diary - leave the diary open somewhere you will see it ;)

    I'll join you in getting healthy. I've been trying since April but am stagnating a bit at the mo. I know EXACTLY what my problem is. I'm a pig. And although I too love fruit and veg. I also love cakes and crisps and yummy stuff. I love to exercise but have a bad back. So if there's room on your wagon - count me in ;)


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