Morning all

Well it's a Sunday morning and I have decided to pick myself up off the proverbial floor and cheer my butt up! As they say if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. So it is time to change things, shake things up a little! So hopefully this will be a happier post :)

I was at a friends hen party last night and I honestly haven't laughed so much! I danced my butt off, I took photo's of a man who arrived at the hotel in a Trotter's Independent Trader van dressed in a flat cap and sheepskin coat with a blowup doll (I didn't ask about that). I attempted every dance move that has ever been created and created a few new one's myself. I think people's favourites seemed to be the Nosferatu (creep, for short) the running man, the grapevine and my personal favourite the pointy finger dance! An all of this was done without a drop of alcohol passing my lips!

Benefits of no alcohol means no hangover, no lost possessions, no embarrassing photo's appearing on facebook well apart from the one's I was aware of that I actually posed for lol. Money left in my purse and memories of a fantastic night which are usually stolen from me!

So today is a new day and it's all mine and I can do anything I want with it so in my book that's something worth smiling over!  Hope you all have many many things you can smile over today!



  1. Hiya Mel, was smiling to myself as I read through this post, thinking of you dancing like a 'wild thing' hehehe - and then I noticed your new piccie - Have you got red hair now? Very striking! :) x x x

  2. Ah loving your new day Melanie! Absolutely awesome - glad you had a great night out without the alcohol hun! Lovely catching up earlier



  3. Brilliant upbeat post - this should be your belated Rocking Friday ;)

    Love your new profile piccy that hair is fantastic!

  4. thanks all, loving the blogging at the minute, really keeping me sane!


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