This is the first time I have added a picture to my blog so if it doesn't work then this reason explains why. What's rocking my Friday well obviously my friend's hen party which was last Saturday night really good especially without the alcohol. My new red hair which has cheered me up no end, I'm happier when I'm different I feel more like my old self lol. Music always a blessing, this week I have listened to lil Wayne, Die for you, brill song if you get a chance have a listen  (sorry about the swear words). Kesha, We R Who We R which is such a good dance track. An one of my old favourites Metallica, Whiskey in the jar. Another blessing my new phone, HTC desire HD which I love and at every moment keeps me in touch with the whole world with it's internet, friend's stream (facebook twitter for those not in the know) and you tube :) music in abundance!

My new printer which has given me the opportunity to upload my above photo! My art journalling, which I have for a change done a page which I love, doesn't happen very often as I am very self-critical!

An my biggest blessing this week my sister Virginia, who is a constant source of fun, patience, love, motivation and so much more. She never judges, she answers every silly question that ever pops into my head including "how do you gut a fish" this by the way was asked over the phone! She try's so hard and often puts everyone and everything in front of herself, well this is a big thank-you to her and to let her know she is loved, held in reverence and appreciated! 



  1. ah hun brought a tear to my eye that did - (I kid you not) - right back at you girl! Loving the picture - more pictures on blog please - lot's more! Loving your new 'do' too - the red suits you completely! Crafting night was awesome last night - thanks to you Mum and bear for the great company!

    Have a great day



    PS - Still fancy meeting up this aft?

  2. I love your list, I love your art work and I esp. love your hair! Fantastic colour.
    Look forward to reading more about you (I'm now a follower).
    Hugs xx

  3. I love your journal page - oh how I wish I could do them like that. I know the feeling too.

    Good week it sounds like, your hair is amazing!


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