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Well already I have missed a day but as someone once said to er is human and anyone who knows me will vouch for just how er sorry I mean human I am!

The important thing is to recognise I'm not perfect but my imperfections are what make me unique so my new thing is to embrace it!

So today the good has been healthy eating all day and a bit of cleaning, the bad no exercise but I'm not going to kick myself as I have had a major headache all day, but due to my very clever brother I soon realised what was causing it. Simple answer, not enough liquid! So tomorrow, what can I do differently, I can drink water and I can also go for a run. This will make me feel better but one thing it won't do is fulfill me spiritually, so I am trying to find something that will aid that! Any ideas are appreciated?

I haven't felt particularly positive but the saying fake it till you make it is something I'm willing to give a try!



  1. Hi Hun

    Ooh another posting I'm liking this - I suggest this little post as an idea towards your plans - not only on the motivational side but how someone is putting this into action with the spiritual side in tact rather than separate - let me know what you think!


  2. Read the blog entry she really is an inspiration! Thanks Virginia :) x


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