Some days are just harder!

So today I got dressed to go to the gym, I was tired but I was determined to do some exercise. So I went, I really enjoyed it but due to having not done any exercise over Christmas I found it hard going. Also the run I had done yesterday had made my legs feel like lead. So I only managed 30 mins before I had to throw the towel in. When I got home I had a a big salad and then spent a good few minutes kicking myself that I had only managed 30 mins, then I had a shower and put some clothes on, everything felt tight and I again kicked myself that I was fat etc.

Now at this point I thought what's the point, closely followed by I'm fed up I may just eat what I want and give up, then I thought I'm never going to be the size I want to be. I quickly realised that by saying these things even in my head I was positively reinforcing them. So I stopped, I took a deep breath and told myself that if I gave up now that I would have been right, I wouldn't lose any weight and I wouldn't be any fitter!

The fact is the weight didn't go on over night so why was I expecting it to come off over night! The answer is, it won't. It will be tough at times but if I listen to the negative voices and even worse still, act on them then I won't achieve any of my goals! 

So the moral is don't give up, don't quit and when the negative voices get loud challenge them, replace them and realise you are worth the effort! I am worth the effort!



  1. And you need to keep saying that to yourself - because you are worth the effort. You have a starting point 30 minutes in the gym the day after a run - when you manage 35 minutes in the gym the day after a run you'll have a non-scale victory to celebrate. Today was your starting point and from here you will be building on that. Believe in yourself because this will work if you shut the negative chatterbox in your head and start to believe not only in yourself but also in your goals!

    So deep intake of breath and relax - I loaned you a little book of affirmations not for it to decorate your worktop but for you to pick up a positive affirmation each day and start to believe in it, even if you don't saying it over and over and over will positively reinforce it in the mind. Today ignor that chatterbox and replace it with a positive affirmation - the day will be easier as a result. And the building blocks and foundations that you are putting in place now will make a huge difference!

    Big hugs

    Your Big Sis (getting littler)

    Hugs again


    PS Don't give up!

  2. Mel! It's great to see you (well read you!) again - I've just caught up with your posts, great advice and life ponderings! I shall be watching out for more of the same 'cos its uplifting to read :) x x x


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