Right then (pulls sleeves up)

I've had the most amazing day I met a friend for coffee (fed my heart) I went for a run (fed my body) and I had a lovely conversation with Virginia the best sister a girl could wish for (fed my soul).

I have had such a positive day, I made a plan and I carried it out. I lived rather than survived. What have I gained from my brill day, a healthy happy outcome on things to come! I'm grateful for my lovely family and especially my daughter, I am blessed to have her and I thank God every day for the miracle that is her!

So, up to now I have stopped drinking, I have started eating healthier foods, I'm drinking more water after a truly awful headache yesterday, I've started exercising. It's all going well but I'm not an idiot I know I have been on this track before and when things haven't gone right I have given up and thrown the towel in.

The difference this time is that I now understand you get out of life what you put in, if I put the hard work in hopefully I will reap the reward!
It's about not giving in, it's about appreciating we all deserve to be happy but that it won't arrive in the post we have to go out and get it! My challenge to everyone who reads this is to do at least one thing tomorrow you enjoy, I aim to do lots I enjoy!



  1. Ah a happy positive post which warms my heart and soul also! Our conversation was definitely what I needed yesterday, I knew that I needed a chat mid-way through the day and it was lovely! Part of my 'treat' yesterday! I hope today proves just as positive and fruitful, sending you hugs and positives


  2. Sounds like an excellent day and a great plan x Huge Hugs mel x


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