Well I have nothing of interest to talk about but since it has been so long since I last did a blog thought I would start by just putting a little bit of something on here. 

I had a lovely Christmas and a great new year and made some pretty big resolutions. Which I do every year but this time for a change I thought I may try to do some of them! So the first was to lead a fitter, healthier life. The first thing I have done is to go tee-total, this has been the case since 28th December 2010 which is when I had my last drink. Next thing is to start healthy eating, drinking more water and doing more exercise. I always say to my sister I don't understand why I don't do all these things all the time as I always feel better and more energised and generally happier. 

So from tomorrow it is all go, I am going to write a little something on here every night about the kind of day I have had what I have accomplished etc. Can't promise it will be exciting but hopefully it will keep me focused and another happier more content Melanie may emerge! Anyway watch this space as they say :) 



  1. Ah that sounds like a resolution coming into play, you seemed quite down today but there will be days when you feel low but this allows you to feel happier and more positive on other days, so don't fight against it go with the flow, feel positive, keep happy and chilled out and relaxed and try not to stress too much, when you are down then treat yourself with a lush bath or a read of a good book or ring me and have a natter! Hoping tomorrow proves positive and fruitful - you can achieve anything you want to - if you set your mind to it!


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