liquid cream cake?

Well just before new year, I was thinking about what my new year's resolution's should be and one of them was obviously to lose some weight. I decided to do it through healthy eating and exercise but something I realised would have to change is drinking alcohol. It's true what they say it's liquid cream cake and it also lowers your inhibitions so there is a higher chance of you snacking on things that are high in calories. Plus everyone knows the best cure for a hangover is a big fry up and to get on the settee and not move all day!

Well I decided to not be that person, I decided that 2011 was going to be different, no more hangovers, no more eating rubbish. Everything I've done so far does not shape what I'm about to do, what I am able to become! 

So I just stopped now it hasn't been easy plenty of people offer to buy me drinks and now I just say thanks can I have a diet coke please or a tonic water or occasionally a J20. Then comes the look followed by "sorry, did I just hear that right" or "why what's wrong with you?" I now just laugh and say nothing that I'm aware just having a bit of a detox. This is easier than saying I've gone tee-total, then having to answer numerous questions on why I would do such a thing! 

So it hasn't been easy but there are so many health benefits, no hangovers, no dehydration, no eating fatty foods last thing at night or fry up's the next day! A clarity, I never knew existed, money in my pocket and for me the biggest difference is the fact that, on and off for quiet some time now I have suffered with bouts of depression and lately without alcohol I'm definitely having more good days than bad!

I think what I'm basically trying to say is that if something is preventing you from becoming the person you feel you should be, then stop be honest about it, be honest about the affect it is having on you and do something about it, (just because you never have doesn't mean you can't). If something is in your way go around it, go under it, go over it or go straight through it but get past it!



  1. Oh a lovely clear post in more ways than one, yes I agree completely - but why may I ask do people completely 'freak out' when you say you're teetotal - it drives me nuts - what's so wrong with not drinking alcohol!

    Keep up the great work, you seem to be doing fabulously!


  2. Sound advice. You're a great encourager Mel :) x x x


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