So what do I do now!

Well I've done my usual ha ha I have started all these things with great gusto and motivation and now the question is, what's next. I am healthy eating, drinking plenty of water, not drinking alcohol and exercising. So now I should be thin, right? 

Wrong, I know it takes longer than a week but I am very impatient and I like to see results immediately if not sooner! My main problem is I have no weighing scales in the house, I have been good for about a week and I can't tell if my new regime is working or not as I'm not sure what weight I was to start with!

So I realised this morning I need a new challenge, something to work towards other than seeing the pounds come off on the scales. Something that is possible to achieve but not without I put the effort in!

It is easy just to plod through life without setting any goals and without putting ourselves out there. I personally struggle with the idea of failure, so it's easier to only try to accomplish things I am able to do at this time. Rather than having to work hard to gain something!

So I'm going to think about what I would like to achieve, I'm going to plan how I can achieve it then I'm going to work towards it!



  1. Like you Mel I am trying hard too - I dont possess scales but am going with how I feel - after 3 weeks I can fit into jeans that were too tight - I must admit i did have a sick bug too but it feels great to know its making a difference. How about measuring your waist etc instead of weighing your self? evey eighth of an inch is a little bit less LOL x Wishing you all the best on your quest x janet

  2. Good idea Janet at the minute like you I'm using my clothes as a gauge, and thanks for the conment. Good luck with your health kick too :) x

  3. Excellent idea. Let me know when you figure out your motivation!

    And don't worry too much about the scale...I'm starting to hate mine...

  4. Oh what a lovely post - so the question is how's the challenge going? I've maybe got too many on the go at the moment anyway so don't want to swamp myself me thinks but for the time being I'm happy just plodding!


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